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This Testimony At #Shiloh2016 Is Causing Serious Debate


I usually laugh whenever I see people arguing blindly about things of the spirit. Funny enough, some of those who are doubting things of the spirit are actually suffering from real evil manipulations from their father’s or mother’s family, without them even knowing.
You see them fail at almost everything they get involved in, yet they are always the first to come out and condemn or castigate an act of miracle. But why?
This couple testified at Winners Chapel’s Shiloh 2016 that they wanted a male child and even when a scan disclosed that they were expecting twins, and both were girls, by FAITH they believed they are boys and the children came out as boys.

In fact, something similar happened to me too. But that’s a story for another day.
My advise is simple; please it is better you ignore a miracle than say what will put you in trouble. It’s not a must for you to believe a miracle, but don’t compound your issues by rubbishing it.